Gillian Nathan
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Therapy for Growth and Transformation

Depth Hypnosis is a method of healing that helps you find answers from within for any of life’s questions. Similar to a guided visualization, participants are awake, aware and in control at all times. This experiential method allows the conscious mind to take a rest and taps into all the wisdom that is stored in our body, heart and spirit.

Moments that are difficult or traumatic can feel like a snapshot of ourselves frozen in time. Depth Hypnosis offers a way to go back and bring those snapshots back to the present, freeing us from the place of suffering and helping us re-integrate the part of ourselves that got left behind.

Based on Buddhist psychology, shamanism, transpersonal psychology and hypnotherapy, Depth Hypnosis was developed by Isa Gucciardi at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. 415 820 1603