Gillian Nathan
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Therapy for Growth and Transformation

I view conflict as growth trying to happen. Recognizing that conflict is a natural part of relationships can take the pressure off by removing judgment and creating space to grow individually and as a couple.

So often couples yearn for the early days of passion, fun, and deep feelings of connection. I help couples remember why you fell in love and chose to be together. If you are single and ready to be in a loving relationship, we work together to identify and transform blocks to connecting with a romantic partner. Through structured exercises and coaching, Imago tools offer a new way to communicate, so that both partners feel heard and understood.

The goal of our work, whether you are looking to find or heal a relationship, is to eliminate negativity: shame, blame and criticism. Looking at what gets triggered in you when you are frustrated with your partner helps you separate out past experience so that you can communicate feelings and needs in a way that your partner can better hear and respond to with an open heart.

I have experience working with all types of relationships, including same-sex, married, unmarried and non-traditional relationships. 415 820 1603